Affiche du film "The Alchemist"

The Alchemist (1983)

Fighting for his sublime wife against an evil magician. An absent-minded man accidently kills his…
Affiche du film "Horror Hospital"

Horror Hospital (1973)

Following his forced retirement from an appalling rock band, Jason decides to vacation at Brittlehouse…
Affiche du film "The Forest"

The Forest (1982)

Two couples from the city go camping in the woods. They face a cannibalistic hermit…
Affiche du film "The Boogens"

The Boogens (1981)

Fierce extraterrestrial creatures with razor-sharp tentacles inhabit the unofficial tunnels underneath an eerie small mining…
Affiche du film "Schlock"

Schlock (1973)

The small and quiet town of Canyon Valley in California is the scene of a…

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