Fav Parts

Some of Our Fav Parts in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe with animated GIF

The Invisible Prison

The Sorceress in the infamous invisible prison.

At the same time: the most sci-fi styled prison and the cheapest in the universe.

We had a right laugh and we heard the concept.

The Laser Whip

After the laser saber we had to have the laser whip.

The laser saber has become an icon of the cinema world.

The laser whip … first time and last time we heard of it. We won’t elaborate on the reason why.

He-Man is Riding the Sky

We laughed out loud watching this part.

It might be the contrast between the strong He-Man stepping on the vehicle and the tiny alike toy cut-off image that rides the sky right after.

The scene of the sky-riding helps in no way the plot of the whole movie … so why?

Maybe a reference to the riding-the-sky-on-a-bicycle E.T. scene (1982) ? a touch of humor ?

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